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JD Osteopathy is the best! Dmitro has me back in tip top shape after only a few appointments. He also takes the time to explain what he is doing and why it is effective. Would give him more than 5 stars if possible.

- Nick D.

Saw Dmitro for a couple of sessions and my knee already feels alot better. No sharp of stabbing pains when squatting heavy or doing full olympic lifts...highly recommended!.

- Fahim R.

I've been going to Dmitro for a while now and I've noticed a massive difference in my body. Whenever I happen to have an injury or a tight spot, he resolves it...highly recommend!

- Sasha A.

Had a great eperience! He's very skilled and thorough with his assessment. Best osteopath in Mississauga; I would highly recommend seeing hm if anyone has neck pain that cant get relief from other places. Thanks for all your help Dmitro!

- Briana P.

- Jane App Reviews.